The Sublime Fragrance Eau de Cologne

You can likely catch the scent of some gentleman’s eau de cologne by just walking into a nightclub or cinema. More than at any time before, so many men like to splash eau de cologne thinking they will capture the attention of some fine woman just as women use makeup or perfume to catch the attention of some fine, handsome man.

But did you know that in the distant past people used to wash themselves with eau de cologne? The first report of eau de cologne being used instead of bath water was in the eighteenth century. It was also employed as a mouthwash and sometimes even as an enema!

Those were the days when persons thought eau de cologne could heal any sort of disease. Even the manufacturers of eau de cologne marketed it in the same way. Today, we know more about science and medicine, and most of us will probably never try to take a sip of our favorite cologne. The truth is, back in those days, people did not bathe nearly as often as we do today. Perfume and eau de cologne were necessities they hoped could cover up body odor. Eau de cologne was also used to eliminate nasty odors of different rooms in the house. This doesn’t happen any more thanks to scented plug-ins and fragrant candles. It’s good to know we have all these fragrances to enjoy!

There are hundreds of advertisements for perfume or eau de cologne on television and in magazines. When men go out on a date they love to splash nice fragrant cologne on their skin thinking that the fragrances give them more sex appeal. Many men believe that the way they smell determines the quality of women they date. It’s so simple: just apply some cologne on the neck prior to heading out, and as soon as you are in the club, try leaning near the girl you are interested in as she is dancing. Before you know it she will be enchanted by the way you smell and how you are able to move around the dance floor! Another good suggestion is to keep that bottle of cologne handy in one of your inside pockets of your jacket just in case you need some more!

Not all women like the scent of men’s eau de cologne. At one time it was believed acceptable to wear perfume or even eau de cologne at the office. In this day and age, though, countless men, women and even children are allergic to certain fragrances, and in some cases the situation had been so bad that many companies and schools had to ban the wearing of perfumes and eau de cologne.

Nevertheless, studies on fragrances continue to demonstrate that perfumes and eau de cologne can indeed develop sexual attraction towards other people.

In conclusion, it may be fair to say that perfume and eau de cologne are just what is needed to determine and enhance intimacy.

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