Start To Use Incense Oil To Make Your Home Smell Wonderful

When heated indirectly using a special incense oil burner, incense oil gives off a very pleasant aroma. It has been used for thousands of years by various cultures all over the world.

It is still widely used today for a varied range of reasons. For instance it is often used in places of worship to mark religious ceremonies. Ordinary people also use it at home for religious, medicinal and aesthetic purposes. It is not considered at all unusual to find an incense oil burner in the living room of the average American. Some people also use incense oil to produce their own scented candles.

Incense Oil Have Been Burned Throughout The Ages

The ancient Egyptians are purported to be the first people to have burned incense oil. They used it for religious ceremonies, to get rid of bad smells, to ward off demons and to please their gods. The Babylonians were rather fond of burning the stuff too, as were the people of ancient China, Japan, India, Israel, Greece and Rome.

Given that our ancestors were somewhat less sanitary than we are today, it is easy to see why people wanted to surround themselves with the sweet aroma that was produced when they burned natural oils. Of course incense is still used in contemporary religious ceremonies or purification rituals. Buddhists, Hindus, Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians ritually burn incense oil during meditation, prayer or certain religious celebrations such as Easter.

Natural Or Synthetic Incense Oil

Traditionally incense oil is made from natural organic materials such as ylang-ylang, cedar wood, jasmine, rose and patchouli. Today incense oil can also be manufactured synthetically, though man made varieties are not intended for aromatherapy, religious ceremonies or meditation rituals but simply to make homes smell a little nicer. Synthetic incense oil includes aromas like black cherry, watermelon, strawberry, coconut and apricot. Man made oils generally cost less than those that are made from natural materials.

Buying Incense Oil

If you would like to buy incense oil to improve the smell of your home or to aid prayer and meditation, it is very easy to purchase it online or at specialist stores.

Incense oil tends to vary in price. If you just want your living space to smell pleasant and fresh without having to rely on harsh chemical sprays you can purchase some synthetic oil for as little as five dollars per bottle.

However, the natural incense oil that is required for meditation and aromatherapy can cost as much as twenty or thirty dollars per bottle. Look around until you find the product that best suits your needs and your budget.

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