Declaration For Men By Cartier Is My Awe – Inspiring Aroma

It is unusual that I come across a product that really stands up to its particular name. Declaration for men by Cartier is one of those exceptional finds. It is wholesome declaration in a bottle.

I essentially feel more positive when I put on this typical fragrance. Given that this fragrance for men has had such a deep impact on my point of view, I thought that I’d take a look at the history of Declaration for men by Cartier.

This fragrance has been around since 1998. This came as a big revelation to me because I feel that Declaration for men by Cartier has an extremely young spirit. There is a lot of energy in the scent and while this is difficult to actually describe many know what I mean when I describe the fragrance for men as youthful and energetic.

Top notes for Declaration for men by Cartier are bergamot, coriander, mandarin, artemisia, neroli. Heart notes are cardamom, pepper, jasmine, cumin, orris. Base notes are cedar, vetiver, leather, and amber.

Declaration for men by Cartier was one of the priciest fragrances when it at first hit the market. This scent was very popular amongst the very rich but the average day-by-day man was out of luck as it was so expensive to purchase. The costliness was due to the concentration of the essential oils.

While the product was very expensive, a little of the fragrance went a long way. Declaration for men by Cartier has long-term power and it doesn’t take much to get the right amount of scent that will last all day and into the evening. Other fragrances fade away in no time at all and need further applications.

Jean-Claude Ellena was the brains behind Declaration for men by Cartier. He initiated this classic fragrance in 1998 and the scent has been a customary favorite ever since. Originally accepted by the wealthy, this product became an attractive addition to a gentleman’s fragrance collection that the majority of men only dreamed about.

At present, Declaration for men by Cartier is close at hand to the classical gentleman. This comes as great news to scores of us who truly enjoy a classic scent that withstands the tests of time. The fragrance feels almost unisex with the cedar treatment making it slightly more on the masculine side. This perfume is a good example for me of what constitute the two main personalities of a fragrance, the fantasy one and the real one. In this case they set out their own separate way.

This blend is well balanced and rich but it is still light and fresh as well. The only way to actually appreciate the fragrance is to try it. Countless fashionable scents come and go but few have truly made their mark on society.

This perfume has undergone the adversity of time and it has lived up to its title for more than a decade. I assume that Declaration for men by Cartier will be around for thousands of generations to come.

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