Bvlgari Cologne By Bulgari The Scent Of A True Man

Bulgari Cologne for Men

This piece of writing is devoted to all those guys like me who had some doubts when it comes to using cologne. As a matter of fact when going out on a date I didn’t want my buddies to think that I was using it to hide some body odor when I shower practically everyday.

But things started to change when I started dating my future wife Ramona and for the first time I started wearing Bvlgari cologne by Bulgari.

Let me tell you how it happened. I was in college at the time and she was a student attending the same school but was following different classes. From the first time I noticed her I was fond of her, so as soon as I met up with my school buddies I started asking if anyone was acquainted with her. Well one of them Brian told me he actually dated Ramona some months earlier but things didn’t work out as Brian is an outgoing guy who loves outdoor activities while Ramona was an inbound type of girl who loves staying in.

When I asked him if there was any thing she liked in particular, he said she had a weakness for a boy or man who wore cologne. So as I didn’t have any knowledge about perfume or cologne whatsoever I decided to ask one of my girlfriends to see if she could help me out. She told me there was this fragrance she liked in particular called Bvlgari cologne by Bulgari which I thought was nonsense as I thought Bvlgari only made watches and jewelry.Well in any case, the next day I went into a perfume store and I asked for this cologne, and sure enough it was there! I asked if I could try it out and when I did I rather liked it, but the best thing was that when I finally got around to dating Ramona it was love at first sight or should I say smell!

I have been using Bvlgari cologne by Bulgari for approximately six years now and have been very satisfied with the product. To this very date I continue to get compliments whenever I go to the grocery store or at the office where I work. It is a modern classic. This cologne is good for a broad range of age groups, made with excellent quality. Some complain of lack of longevity, but I have absolutely no problem with that, often having it last well into the next day. Because of the musk, I get pleasure from this in the spring and fall, as hot weather can be a problem on my skin. Hard to go wrong with this one.

Bvlgari, sometimes spelled with Bulgari also, is a deep-rooted Italian designer that specializes in selling luxury items. It all started off with jewelry in the Greco-Roman style, which is the reason why the name from time to time is spelled with a capital “V” to mimic roman numerals.

The fragrance line was a later addition but fit well with their only one of its kind viewpoint on luxury items, which includes watches, jewelry, leather goods, scarves and more.

This cologne smells elegant and sophisticated. It smells like the odor of fresh linens. The incorporation of rosewood, pepper and green tea makes a resourceful charming fragrance. Bvlgari cologne by Bulgari is subtle but addictive. It is, may I say pure business. Clean, straight, refined, professional. Ideal with a suit or a shirt and tie, just the sort of fragrance you need to have when working in an office like I am. Above all, it is definitely masculine with an air of the man about town to it and I think my wife knows that!

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